ISBN:                 978-0-98737081-5
Reading Age:  8-12 years
Length:            120 pages

Taya volunteers to dog sit the mischievous Minette for the summer holidays.

​Minette's sneaky ways bring a spate of neighbourhood robberies to Taya's attention. Even the residents of the retirement village are noticing that things are going missing.

When Taya witnesses a hold-up at a local store, she thinks she can identify the thief. But is she on the right track or completely mistaken?

​Join Taya and her friend, Chris, as they go in search of evidence, but find themselves in deadly danger before this mystery is solved.
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Taya Bayliss - Dog Sitter, is a lot of fun to read. Taya is a great character who likes to use logic to solve problems. She's resourceful and determined to solve the mystery. Minette, the Golden Doodle, and Chris, her twelve-year-old pal, are her partners in crime-solving, and make an inspired team. The plot is exciting and fast-paced, with plenty of clues for readers and quite a bit of action and adventure. Ms Gore also includes questions at the end of the book that keep the fun going on just a little longer. Highly recommend it. 5 Stars.  
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